To be considered for our 2019 Manufacturing Scholarship, we asked candidates to come up with creative ideas that would entice younger generations to join the industry and help solve the manufacturing skills gap

Below are our top 3 answers.  

2019 Scholarship

“A shortage of skilled labor is probably the manufacturing industry’s greatest challenge. Our scholarship and accompanying school donation is our way of encouraging students to enter the industry and supporting the schools educating them,” 

Curt Doherty - CEO

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CNC Machines LLC 2019

2019 Scholarship

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"We all have the power to transform our generation to be more hands-on and pursue a career in manufacturing"

Pauline Tasci

"Manufacturing Employers must come together to create mentoring and internship opportunities"

Brendan Crotty

Indian Capital Technology Center

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"To get more young people into fields such as engineering, circuits, and machining, it is important to start with education"

Hannah Peters

Virginia Commonwealth University

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